Varna – Bulgarian Seaside Resort

Varna – Bulgarian Seaside Resort

Going to Bulgaria will not be perfect if you skip Varna city. Varna is the largest city on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast and it is inhabited by more than 334,870 people. Varna is also the third largest city in Bulgaria and become a major tourist destination in Bulgaria. This city is also famous with its university and business center. There are also Bulgarian Navy Headquarters in this town as well as merchant marine. The interesting things that can be found in Varna is the world’s oldest treasure that was discovered in Varna Necropolis. The treasure consists of jewelry, weapons, and also coins. The experts predicted that the treasure was probably from 4,600 BC.

The Varna Cathedral

Varna Cathedral, Bulgaria
Photo by Essam

Another interesting thing to enjoy in Varna is the scenery. This old town is surrounded by orchards, vineyard, forests and also seas. Tourists can enjoy the stunning views in Varna by using boats, cars, and many organized tours. Lakes, canals and also other landmarks are great for tracking, touring, camping and many others. To support the tourist with great relaxation, a thermal mineral water sources are also opened for public. Varna is best visited in throughout the year but in January and February can be cooler.

The Varna Liberation Monument

Varna Liberation Monument, Varna, Bulgaria
Photo by Klearchos Kapoutsis

To go to Varna, there is Varna Airport that can serve various flights. There are also over 80 local and express buses, local trolley bus, and minibus with fixed-route. For the city travel, cabs/taxi is easily found or the visitor can take double-decker bus. There is also Port of Varna cruise terminal and also railway station to ease the visitors to go to this city. The nearest major city from Varna is Dobrich to the north, Shumen to the west, Burgas to the South-West.

The Natural History Museum of Varna

The Varna Natural History Museum, Varna, Bulgaria
Photo by Tim Waters

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