Tafraout – A Beautiful and Challenging Place

Tafraout – A Beautiful and Challenging Place

Tafraout is a town in southern Morocco. It is located in Souss Massa Draa region and on Tiznit Province. The surroundings of Tafraout are Anti Atlas Mountains, because it is located on it. The population of Tafraout is 4,931 according to 2004 census. Now, the population has increased significantly over than 150,000.

The Ameln Valley

Ameln Valley, Tafraout, Morocco
Photo by Martin and Kathy Dady

Tafraout or spelled as Tafraoute or Tafrawt is very hard to be accessed. The roads to and from Tafraoute are very hard to traverse. Most of the roads are snakelike, mountainous, and narrow. It is because this town is placed on the mountain. However, there is another route to access Tafraout that is easier. The other route is called Tiznit route. Tiznit is located on south of Agadir. The distance between those two cities is about 78 km. However, it have good major road that connect it to another cities.

The Oumsnate, Ameln Valley

Oumsnate, Ameln Valley, Tafraout, Morocco
Photo by Marthin and Kathy Dady

Before you can go to Tafraout you have to reach Tiznit first. It takes time about one hour. Then you would meet a left turning that would take you straight to Tafraout. From this left turning to Tafraout, the distance is 107 kilometers away. At the first 40 km, the road is good enough but maybe rather plain sailing. If you want to get the mountains, you have to pass the challenging road first. Even though the road is narrow, it can be accessed by two vehicles to pass it without any major problems. As I said before, the road is snakelike so you have to keep your attention. The climbing road commonly is unprotected. This journey can be very fascinating and create anxiety. However, once you arrived on Tafraout, you would meet great town as travel destination.

The Teeth Rock

Teeth Rock, Tafraout, Morocco
Photo by si david

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