Pontianak – The Equator City of Indonesia

Pontianak is one of the most popular cities in Indonesia which belongs to Kalimantan Island. It is located in West Kalimantan which also known as the Equator City. Precisely it is located near the equator which becomes the closest among the substantial cities all over the world. Founded in 1771, October 23, this city became the capital city of West Kalimantan. Just like some other cities in Indonesia, Pontianak features warm climate all year. Summer is the best time to visit this beautiful city because visitors do not need to worry about rain.

The Equator Monument

Monument of Equator, Pontianak, Indonesia
Photo by zahar78

To get to Pontianak, mostly the international flight will have a transit in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. From Jakarta, visitors will arrive at the Supadio Airport which also connects the flight to other cities in Indonesia. From the airport, visitors can get taxi which is the only option. It’s not really far from the center of the city. To get around the city, there is some public transportation but many people would love to choose taxi or rent a car to go around the city. There are so many places to visit too in Pontianak. The Equator obelisk is the most important place visitors should visit because it’s placed right under the 0 degree of the equator line.  More, this is only about 11 km from the central city so it’s pretty reachable.

The Bamboo Arches

The Bamboo Arches, Pontianak, Indonesia
Photo by zahar78

Pontianak Zoo and Kapuas River are great to experience. The boat ride will go through the Kapuas River and it will please visitors with its amazing nature.

The Sultan Palace of Kadariyah

Istana Kadariyah (The Sultan Palace of Kadariyah), Pontianak, Indonesia
Photo by macloo

The Mosque of Abdurrahman

Masjid Abdurrahman, Pontianak, Indonesia
Photo by macloo

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