Macao – the Place of Unique Chinese Culture

Macao – the Place of Unique Chinese Culture

If we feel confused in choosing the destination to go in China, it would not be that confusing. It is because there are a lot of choices of great places in China. It is about the beautiful sceneries, cultures, traditions, customs, and many others. One of the recommended places to go is city of Macao or also spelled as Macau in China that has been independent on ’49, October first. It is located in the province of Guangdong. The best period of time to visit the town is around October to December or during the fall season. It is because there will be the low humidity there. Thus, we will get the comfort there.

The Statue of Kum Lam

Kum Lam Statue, Macao, China
Photo by James Creasman

There are a lot of attractions which can be enjoyed by the visitors there. Besides the old city, we can find another attraction. We can visit the landmark of the city, such like Lotus Temple, Kun Lam temple, and many others. The city is well known because of bits great cultures on the city. That is why it becomes one of the places in china which becomes the sites of the UNESCO heritage. Besides of that, the culture there is quite unique because of the culture which is affected by some cultures. They are Portuguese, Chinese, and also the religious cultures which are mixed become a culture there.

The Kum Lam Temple

Kum Lam Temple, Macao, China
Photo by Fiona Henderson

Reaching the place would not be that bothering. We can go there by air and choosing the flight to Macau International Airport. To reach the downtown, it will be easy to take the public transportation such like the buses. If we are from Guangzhou or Shenzhen, we also can easily go to Macao by bus.

The St. Paul's Church Ruins, Macao, China

St. Paul’s Church Ruins, Macao, China
Photo by starrynight1

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