Guangzhou – Central City for China

Guangzhou – Central City for China

 As you go to China for such vacation, it will be felt incomplete as you do not pay a visit to the city of Guangzhou. It is categorized as one of the central cities for China. It has such long history for the establishment of the city. The city probably has been established well since the regime of Qin Dynasty. Until these recent days, this city has a great role for China. It becomes the capital of Guangdong Province in China. It is also well known for the wealthiest region in China since it has the big growth of economy in this area.

The Wenchang Tower

Wenchang Tower, Guangzhou, China
Photo by Peter Jackson

If you think that you need to visit this city, make sure that you choose to visit this city in summer season since you will be able to see some nice views during this season. Once you have a plan for managing into visiting this city, you will be able to see some nice places in this city. First, you can take a choice of seeing the pride of this city, Guangdong Olympic Stadium. During the 2008’s Olympic, this site has been recognized as the great building and you will find it satisfied for visiting this excellent building.

The Canton Tower, Guangzhou

The Canton Tower, Guangzhou, China
Photo by

This city is also well known for the finest management in public transportation. You can get the simple access for this city as you can use some facilities such as train, bus, motorcycle, even the river transportation facility of ferry boat. You will meet with some local culture for Cantonese in this city. You will meet some Cantonese opera, culinary, and Cantonese music. This city is totally the best attraction for the travelers all around the world.

The Daoist Temple

Daoist Temple, Guangzhou, China
Photo by Chyntia Ho

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