Full Natural Amusement in W National Park of Niger

Full Natural Amusement in W National Park of Niger

When people hear about certain continent such as Africa, what may come to their mind is indeed about various animals and even plants right? Actually, if you are type of people who are interested in visiting Africa based to enjoy about the animals sightseeing, there is a recommended destination such as W National Park of Niger. Actually, it has better for you to visit such place during the holiday season when there will be many tourists may come to such place so that you can gain total amusement to conduct vacation there. Another tip is visiting during dry season between February and May.

Parc National du W du Niger

Parc National du W du Niger, Nigeria
Photo by Andrea

If you visit W National Park of Niger, you may notice that there are many huge animals including baboon, elephant, lions, and many others which you may rarely find on your local zoo. You can even notice that such park also provides approximately 350 species of birds. Of course in order to enjoy any animals or other amusements there, people need to spend money about 8,000F for any adult tourist within 24 hours and 3,000F for children. When you spend more days, each of it only counts half of the price. There you may gain safari transports to enjoy the entire park as well.

The Niger Delta

Niger Delta
Photo by Terry Whalebone

Actually, W National Park of Niger has nearest cities to access such as Kandi, Diapaga, and also Tapoa. If it is about the history, this park was first created in August 4th 1954. The fact is that this park also belongs to the list of UNESCO world heritage site.

The Gurara Falls, Niger, Nigeria

Gurara Falls, Niger, Nigeria
Photo by Mark Hillary

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