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Flying Fish Cove – A Hidden Paradise in a Wonderful Island

Many people do traveling now since there are many of low cost carrier airlines that have been operated. The low cost carriers airlines make people are possible to travel with a limit budget. Thus, there are many backpackers are also appear. There are many beautiful traveling destinations in this world. Each location has its own uniqueness that make people want to visit it again and again. There are tourist destinations that depend on its natural beauty of the land, depend on the entertainment world, or, depend on the advance of the technology.

Beautiful Pier in Flying Fish Cove

Pier in Flying Fish Cove
Photo by Nicole

If you are looking for a quiet or peaceful place with its natural beauty for a traveling destination, Christmas Island might come into consideration. Christmas Island is a small island in the Indian Ocean which is included in the Australia territory. You can go to Christmas Island by taking flight from Perth or Malaysia. There are some airlines that open the destination to this island. When you have arrived in this island, you can find many resort, lodges or hotels in Flying Fish Cove as the capital of Christmas Island in which you can enjoy the natural beauty of the island.

The Golden Bosun

The Golden Bosun – Christmas Island
Photo by Nicole

In the island, you also can enjoy the beauty of the place by doing scuba diving in the sea in which you may see whale shark if you are coming between November and April. Surely, if you are also a real diver, you absolutely won’t miss it. Furthermore, not only scuba diving that will make you amaze, but, you also will be amaze with the tropical seabird and red crab amounts. Thus, you can do bird watching since the island is the place in which the seabird breeding and nestling, so, you can clearly see them. Moreover, you also can see the annual mass red crab migration in which it is said those large amounts can only be seen on the island and it has become one of the worlds of natural wonder.

Christmas Island Tourism Building

Christmas Island Tourism
Photo by Nicole

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