Concepcion – a City with Great Conceptions

Concepcion – a City with Great Conceptions

You need to know a little bit more about Concepcion before finally making up your mind on getting there this holiday. The city was first established by Pedro de Valdivia as a settlement of military. Throughout history, the city has dealt with many major natural disasters including tsunamis and quakes which prompted the settler to keep rebuilding it from time to time. During the 2010 earthquake, the Tower O’Higgins collapsed and this is only to mention one of the buildings suffered from similar fate at that time.

The City of Concepcion, Chile

Photo by Presidencia de la República del Ecuador

Talking about buildings, there are several city landmarks you need to know. There is Arco de Medicina–situated in Universidad de Concepcion, the Andes Tower, Plaza de la Independencia, as well as the Lagoon of Lo Mendez. You can get into the city by four means: by plane, by bus, by car, or by train, all of which can be accessed from Santiago, the capital city of Chile.

The Cathedral of Concepcion

Catedral de Conception, Chile
Photo by German Parra

Talking about what time is the best to visit Concepcion, it is always preferable that you come in the time of summer as the oceanic climate would be the one you seek for the most. As is with other countries in South America, in Chile, and in Concepcion to be more precise, football is the sport of choice people pick whenever it comes to general entertainment. Also worth noted, Concepcion is the city where rock music grows very well and it is where the bands of such genre thrive mostly. This, along with four major universities located in it, makes Concepcion one of the largest cities in Chile.

The Caleta Chome

Caleta Chome, Concepcion, Chile
Photo by frixhias

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