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Atlantic Forest South-East Reserves – One of World Heritage Sites

Atlantic Forest South-East Reserves – One of World Heritage Sites

This is the place that lies in Southeastern Brazil. The magnificent images are decorated with mountain ranges that continuous from one place to another. Those mountains get their names individually like Serra do Indaia, Serra Negra, Serra de Paranapiacaba and Serra de Bocaina. You can also have the experience of having a trip to a few large islands and also higher mountains. But you do not have to worry about the many mountains in the Atlantic Forest South-East Reserves, because they are tectonically stable. Since the mountains are formed thousands years ago, the ecosystem around them is in diversity.

Mount Serra Negra

Mount Serra Negra, Atlantic Forest South-East Reserve, Brazil
Photo by Vernando Vercosa

The natural sceneries that are built by the mountains have been nominated as the World Heritage Site. It has the spectacular landscapes that are created by the mountainous area, isolated hills and deep river valleys. Other than those mountains, you can also go to the following great places. They are Plateau Planalto, Plateau’s Scrap and Serrania. Over 450 species in every hectare can be seen easily in the Atlantic rainforests.

The Castelinho Castle Museum

The Castelinho Castle Museum, Serra de Paranapiacaba, Brazil
Photo by Fernando Stankuns

The rainforest has become the proud of all Brazillians. All changes that are made to make the rainforest protected are paid well. There is also forest canopy. This canopy lies along the river valley. The collection of species and plants are different and it is based on the soil. Since it has the largest rainforest in Brazil, the region therefore is the sub tropical. It will be hot in February and cold in July. Rains can be felt in any part of the town and without any warning of dry season.

The Valley at Plateau Planalto

Vale da Lua, Plateau Planalto, Brazil
Photo by Jean Marconi

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