Kaunas – The City of Art

When it comes to travel plan, you must want to go to a place, which is different from the other. Europe seems to have this one we call this [...]

Nakhchivan – the Culture Centre of Azerbaijan

Caucasian Albania is the beginning of Azerbaijan inhabitant’s history. According to statistic data on 2012, the populations of this countr [...]

Jericoacoara – a Peaceful Beach Town in Brazil

Jericoacoara is a small town in Ceara, Brazil. Jeri is a special place where sometimes many travelers and tourists decide to stay longer tha [...]

Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks – a Stunning Places You Must Visit in Canada

Canada has many places to visit. Each of those places is very stunning for its scenery and species diversity. The most stunning place to vis [...]

Halifax – Canada’s Ocean Playground

Halifax is the largest city in the Atlantic Provinces of Canada. It is also the capital city of Nova Scotia and therefore, the city is alway [...]

Bourgas – an Important City on the Coast of Black Sea Under Former Byzantine Empire

When you want to visit the city that surrounded by lakes, Bourgas might be one of the great option to visit. You can see the lakes that surr [...]

Srebarna Nature Reserve – the Breeding Ground of Hundreds Species of Birds

The other amazing place that you should visit is the Srebarna Nature Reserve. When you come to Bulgaria then do not forget to come to the Sr [...]

Sao Luis – a City with Beautiful Azulejo Walls Buildings and Cobblestone Streets

Do you want to visit the unique city with the Portuguese style? Sao Luis is the great city that you can go. Sao Luis was found by the French [...]

Los Cabos – A Favorite Retirement Destination in Mexico

If you have a plan have a vacation, then Los Cabos can be a great destination. Due to its location in Baja Peninsula of Mexico, Los Cabos ha [...]

Dinosaur Provincial Park – One of the Richest Dinosaur Fossil Locales in the World

For those who love to study about prehistoric things such as fossils, evolution, dinosaurs, and the like, the Dinosaur Provincial Park is th [...]

Tangier – the Fascinating City from 5th Century BC

Are you going to get a holiday? If so, it will be better for you to get the best holiday time to visit the most fascinating city in Morocco [...]

Joggins Fossil Cliffs – Where You Can See The World’s Most Complete Fossil Record of Life in the Coal Age

Joggins Fossil Cliffs is a place which is located in rural community of Canadian. This place is located in western of Cumberland County arou [...]

Zacatecas – City of Pink Stone Buildings and Silver Mines

Are you planning to have a holiday, but are confused in deciding the best destination? If you are facing such a problem you should not worry [...]

Kuala Lumpur – A Place where You Can Visit the Tallest Twin Towers in the World

Being founded in the mid of 19th century, Kuala Lumpur now offers the more diverse things those can be enjoyed by the people who visit it. F [...]

Whale Sanctuary of El Vizcaino – Where you Can See Rare Grey Whales

When holiday comes, we are sometimes confused to choose the best destination to be visited. You may want to experience the best one with won [...]

Kernavė – an Old Town with its Famous Traditional Rasa Festivals

Kernavė, one the world heritage was located in eastern Lithuania, about 35 km north west of Vilnius.  This city was first mentioned in 127 [...]

Kobe – the Cosmopolitan Port City

Kobe is among the most modern cities in Japan and is famous in history as the first city that opened its door to West at the end of Sekoku ( [...]

Christchurch – New Zealand's Garden City

When you have a holiday in New Zealand, you might need more time to visit the great city in the East Coast of the South Island called Christ [...]

Agadez – a Camel Market Town in Africa

If you want to see the center of the Tuareg culture in Niger, you can go to the Agadez. This city found in the 11th century and it became th [...]

Takayama – a City of Expert Carpenters

Takayama city is a biggest city in Japan, if we look at it from the size of its area. This city was settled in Jomon era. In 1936, this city [...]

St. Peter Port – the Charming Harbor Town of Guernsey

Although not many people will immediately mention St. Peter Port as the popular tourist destination in the world, this port city in Guernsey [...]

Lake Malawi National Park – the One and Only National Park in Malawi

If you have a plan to visit Malawi, it is good for you to not miss to visit Lake Malawi National Park. It is the only one national park in M [...]

Suva – The Gorgeous Travel Destination in Fiji

Fiji is a country that consists of 333 magnificent islands. Most of these islands are not inhabited. Fiji is a tropical paradise with its be [...]

Comoé National Park – The Largest in West Africa

People of course will look for better option about anything including about the choice of national park which should be visited for finding [...]
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