Nakhchivan Enclave

Nakhchivan – the Culture Centre of Azerbaijan

Caucasian Albania is the beginning of Azerbaijan inhabitant’s history. According to statistic data on 2012, the populations of this country are over 9.000.000 inhabitants.  The majority of them are Syiah Islam. Azerbaijan, which...

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Jericoacoara Beach

Jericoacoara – a Peaceful Beach Town in Brazil

Jericoacoara is a small town in Ceara, Brazil. Jeri is a special place where sometimes many travelers and tourists decide to stay longer than what they intended. It was around 20 years ago...

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The Spirit Island

Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks – a Stunning Places You Must Visit in Canada

Canada has many places to visit. Each of those places is very stunning for its scenery and species diversity. The most stunning place to visit is Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks. This place has...

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The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, Halifax, Canada

Halifax – Canada’s Ocean Playground

Halifax is the largest city in the Atlantic Provinces of Canada. It is also the capital city of Nova Scotia and therefore, the city is always busy with economic, politic, and other businesses....

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the Bulgarian fortress

Bourgas – an Important City on the Coast of Black Sea Under Former Byzantine Empire

When you want to visit the city that surrounded by lakes, Bourgas might be one of the great option to visit. You can see the lakes that surrounded the city and get the...

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The Srebarna Nature Reserve

Srebarna Nature Reserve – the Breeding Ground of Hundreds Species of Birds

The other amazing place that you should visit is the Srebarna Nature Reserve. When you come to Bulgaria then do not forget to come to the Srebarna. If you love to enjoy the...

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The Sao Luis Cathedral

Sao Luis – a City with Beautiful Azulejo Walls Buildings and Cobblestone Streets

Do you want to visit the unique city with the Portuguese style? Sao Luis is the great city that you can go. Sao Luis was found by the French in the 1612. However,...

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The Dinosaur Provincial Park

Dinosaur Provincial Park – One of the Richest Dinosaur Fossil Locales in the World

For those who love to study about prehistoric things such as fossils, evolution, dinosaurs, and the like, the Dinosaur Provincial Park is the best place to satisfy you. The Dinosaur Provincial Park is...

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The Joggins Fossil Cliffs

Joggins Fossil Cliffs – Where You Can See The World’s Most Complete Fossil Record of Life in the Coal Age

Joggins Fossil Cliffs is a place which is located in rural community of Canadian. This place is located in western of Cumberland County around Nova Scotia. It has for about 15 km of...

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