Kanazawa – the Land of Golden Marsh

Although the modern city of Kanazawa (“The golden marsh”) was built on April 1st 1889, this city has much older and richer history. Buil [...]

Riga – The Capital City of Latvia

Riga, the capital city of Latvia, is the largest city of the Baltic States. It was founded by Albert of Bremen in 1201. It became independen [...]

Willemstad – A Small Island with the Unique Buildings and Harbor

When you want to have a holiday in such a small island with the unique buildings and harbor, you might like to visit Willemstad. This island [...]

Matsuyama – The Inspiration behind Literature

If you have a chance to read the novel ‘Botchan’ by Natsume Soseki, you will eventually come to several mentions of Matsuyama City. In f [...]

Mount Emei Scenic Area, including Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Area – the Place for Beautiful Scenery and Historical Site

There are a lot of ideas which can be chosen as a way to spend our holiday or our long week end. If we are interested in anything about chin [...]

Full Natural Amusement in W National Park of Niger

When people hear about certain continent such as Africa, what may come to their mind is indeed about various animals and even plants right? [...]

Shirakami Sanchi – The Natural Wonder in Japan

Shirakami Sanchi is among UNESCO’s World Heritage Site in Japan; it is a vast virgin forest that becomes the main habitat of the Siebold/B [...]

Varna – Bulgarian Seaside Resort

Going to Bulgaria will not be perfect if you skip Varna city. Varna is the largest city on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast and it is inhabited [...]

Leiden – the Heart of Netherland Soul

Leiden is a town that contains all beauty and famous image of Netherland; it has old windmills, canals, 17 century buildings, signature Dutc [...]

Val di Noto, Italy – a Place of the Historical Noto

Val di Noto or in English, Province of Noto is known as a geographical area in the south east of Sicily and the area is being dominated by l [...]

Tafraout – A Beautiful and Challenging Place

Tafraout is a town in southern Morocco. It is located in Souss Massa Draa region and on Tiznit Province. The surroundings of Tafraout are An [...]

Macao – the Place of Unique Chinese Culture

If we feel confused in choosing the destination to go in China, it would not be that confusing. It is because there are a lot of choices of [...]

New Zealand Sub-Antarctic Islands

If you want to see the great animals and plants of the New Zealand, you need to have much time to enjoy the New Zealand Sub-Antarctic Island [...]

Rainforests of the Atsinanana – World Heritage Site in Africa

The rainforest of the Atsinanana is inscribed with some other national parks in the world as UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is located in 1, [...]

Montreal – City of Mary

Montreal is a Canadian province which is located in Quebec. This city is the second largest area in the country after Toronto. This city nam [...]

South China Karst

When we are talking about China then we will talk about a country that has the biggest population in this world. Of course, china is the goo [...]

Plitvice Lakes National Park – The Most Beautiful Natural Sight in Europe

People can find many great places to visit all around the world with the natural view which is beautiful and it cannot be found every day in [...]

Ait Ben Haddou – A Traditional Mud Brick Town

If you have ever heard of Sahara desert, you possible heard about Ait Ben Haddou as well. Ait Ben Haddou is actually a city that has a quite [...]

Serra de Capivara National Park, Brazil

When you want to visit one of the largest museums in this world, your choice might be in the Serra de Capivara National Park. This park has [...]

Puerto Angel – A Coastal Area of Mexico for Tourism Destination

Puerto Angel is a tourism area you can find in Mexico. It is located on Mexican State of Oaxaca. Nearby city of Puerto Angel is city of Poch [...]

Makassar – the First Biggest Indoor Theme Park in Indonesia

Makassar is also known as Ujung Pandang. Makassar is the provincial capital of South Sulawesi in Indonesia. Makassar is well known for its L [...]

Lushan National Park for the Naturally Beauty of China

If we like anything about china, we should observe a lot of great attractions there. The interesting attractions there are various not only [...]

Raft Cove – Beautiful Park with Various Trees

Raft Cove is a beautiful park which is located in Vancouver Island. This location also has a beautiful beach inside. Besides that, when you [...]

Rapa Nui National Park

If you have a plan to go traveling to somewhere else, it is better that your destination has something unique, so you do not go there in vai [...]
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