Rotterdam – the Giant Port City

As the second largest city in Netherland as well as one of the biggest port cities in the world, Rotterdam shows two contrasting sides of Ne [...]

The Laurentians – Mountain with Beautiful Lake

The Laurentians are a mountain range which is located in the southern of Quebec, Canada. It is in the north part of Ottawa River and St. Law [...]

Kamakura – a Perfect City for Historical and Cultural Lover of Japan

Kamakura City may not quite ring a bell for many people in the world compared to Tokyo. However, all Japanese history enthusiasts will recog [...]

Kinabalu Park – the Center of Plant Diversity in Malaysia

It is great to visit Kinabalu Park. It is famous national park in Malaysia and it is located in Sabah, the northern end of the Borneo Island [...]

Bengkulu – The Raffles City of Indonesia

Have you ever heard about Bengkulu? This is the name of the city in Indonesia. This city is the capital of the province that has the same na [...]

Phoenix Islands Protected Area – the Pristine Area Which Offer a great World Heritage

The Phoenix Island Protected Area or also called PIPA is nestled in the republic of Kiribati. Kiribati itself is the ocean nation in the cen [...]

Siauliai – The Beauty of Lithuania

Siauliai is one of the big cities in Lithuania. This one is a bit popular although it is not the capital city of Lithuania. It is the fourth [...]

Reggio di Calabria – The City of Bronze and the city of Fatamorgana

Reggio di Calabria is known as the hugest city in southern of Italy. This city is also the Province of Reggio Calabria’s capital city with [...]

Port Louis – Capital of Beautiful Island Nation

Mauritius can be small island nation in Africa but it must have the capital city which is also the largest city in the nation named Port Lou [...]

Mazagan the House of Manueline Cistern of the El Jadida Fortress

Do you know that Morocco have seaside destination that is very popular and luxurious? Yes, if you ask the best place of seaside of Morocco, [...]

Siena – The City of Beauty

Siena was established during the Etruscans time at 900 up to 400 Before Century. At the moment Siena was inhabited by Saina. Siena was found [...]

Kathmandu – The Kollywood

The capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu, becomes the largest metropolitan city too in Nepal.  There were ancient civilizations based in the my [...]

Kashgar – The City of Culture and History

Having a great time at the unique place can be a memorable moment for us which could not be forgotten. We just find a lot of new and amazing [...]

El Tajin – One of Mayan Archeological Sites in Mexico

Mexico is known best for its Mesoamerican archeological sites. There are many Mesoamerican archeological sites that you could find in this c [...]

Cidade Velha, Ribeira Grande – A City Full of Historical Background

Spending some times in an exotic island might come across your mind when talking about where to go during holidays. If this suits you best, [...]

Heard Island and McDonald Island – Beautiful Uninhabited Volcanic Islands

It is a good idea for you to enjoy a new holiday experience in Fantastic Island. Heard and McDonald Islands become the right choice for you [...]

Vat Phou – The Ruined Khmer in Southern Laos

Vat Phou is such a complex of ruined Khmer temple located in Southern Laos. It is nestled at the mount base Phu Kao, exactly 6 kilo meters f [...]

Fuzhou – Place of Historical Temple in China

Having some trip to China is the great alternative choice for this holiday time. You will see some great cities and some amazing things from [...]

Osh, Kyrgyzstan – Offering the Amazing Landscape

It is no doubt that you must fall in love with the amazing landscape offered by the Osh province of mountains in Kyrgyzstan. The beauty is p [...]

Baku – Old City and Urban Nightlife

Old city is always exciting to be visited because people can see a lot things from years ago which can be imagined by them who are living in [...]

Mount Kenya National Park – Best Place for Relaxing Time

Kenya has been the best spot for tourists who like to have a daring safari. There is a great place for you to visit in Kenya. It is the Moun [...]

Sukur Landscape, UNESCO World Heritage Site

Africa actually has become a perfect destination to conduct travelling actually. There are many countries such as Nigeria which offers many [...]

Zadar, Croatia – The Blend of Ancient and Modern Buildings

Croatia is a country that has beautiful cities filled with historical buildings and Zadar is one of those cities. The delicate looking city [...]

Los Katios National Park

Established in 1974, the Los Katios National Park holds around 72,000 hectares area in northwest Colombia. This National Park is listed as o [...]
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